Bob Duff

Senate Majority Leader

Norwalk, CT

Bob Duff has served as state senator for his hometown of Norwalk, CT since his election in 2004. As a real estate professional, Bob has relayed his commercial expertise into his role as a successful legislator. He proactively supported the creation of a package of assistance programs and reforms to reduce the number of home foreclosures in the state amid the 2008 housing crisis. Bob is also a leading advocate for energy conservation, planning, historic preservation, consumer protection, and transportation.

As co-chair of the Appropriations Committee’s Results-based Accountability Subcommittee, Bob is at the helm of an exciting new initiative, applying a proven method of analysis to the state’s budget process. It rewards programs that meet specific goals and axes those that don’t live up to their promises. Considerable waste has been eliminated saving taxpayers millions of dollars.

Pro-Growth Progressive Ideas Shared


When state governments are unable to pass critical legislation because of a lack of cooperation between parties and/or lack of public/private collaboration, everyone loses. This lack of legislative progress reduces trust in governing and hinders necessary reform.


Senator Duff argued that the state could create an inclusive, transparent model for legislative committees that benefits government, the private sector and citizens by promoting collaboration, fairness and bipartisanship. He implemented several policies to foster greater efficiency including requiring the minority party leadership to be involved in all meetings and decision making to garner strong bipartisan support. And by creating strong partnerships with community groups, nonprofits, and private stakeholders, the legislative committee has been able to create a collaborative environment to help bring solutions to the table that benefit everyone.


Health insurance companies have become prime targets for hackers and foreign governments looking to steal highly confidential personal data of American citizens. 


Senate Majority Leader Bob Duff co-sponsored legislation that requires health insurance companies to develop a comprehensive information security program to safeguard the personal information of their enrollees. The bill provides these companies with minimum consumer data privacy requirements that they need to meet, but allows them the autonomy to decide what they need to do in order to meet those requirements.