Greg Fischer


Louisville, KY

Pro-Growth Progressive Idea: Developing a regional business plan to grow jobs in advanced manufacturing

Greg Fischer was elected Louisville’s Mayor in 2010 and has an extensive background in business. In 1980, he was a founder of SerVend International and co-invented the SerVend ice and beverage dispenser. Along with his brothers, he led the growth of SerVend into a worldwide corporation with more than 300 employees and $70 million in annual sales. In 1999, he founded Iceberg Ventures, a private investment firm, and later was a co-founder of bCatalyst, the first business accelerator in Louisville. Fischer has helped create more than 1,000 local jobs and has been an active investor and board member in numerous companies across multiple industries. Greg is also a co-founder of Louisville’s Center for Quality of Management.

Pro-Growth Progressive Ideas Shared


Too often teens growing up in poorer neighborhoods in Louisville lack the access to the skills and training they need to fill competitive job openings in the local tech industry. Additionally, businesses in this community need to increase their web presence and better connect to online tools to grow their business. 


This year, Mayor Greg Fischer expanded the Code Louisville program to target teens living in public housing and help them develop 21st century technology and business skills. Students from the new “Coding at the Beech” program have already transformed their skills into a new business venture, called Beech Technologies, which helps neighborhood and community business leaders establish and maintain a web presence to drive economic growth. Through this initiative, Mayor Fischer has helped prepare students for jobs in the tech industry and helped revitalize the communities where these students live.