Lee Harris

Senate Minority Leader

Memphis, TN

Pro-Growth Progressive Idea: Expanding opportunity by giving a preference in city contracts to those that provide workforce training 

Elected at the age of 36, Lee Harris holds the distinction of being the youngest senator, and the first African American leader, in the state of Tennessee.

Senator Harris has championed the causes of Tennesseans. Among his legislative initiatives, he has pushed for treatment coverage for persons with sickle cell, a condition that plagues communities across the state; advocated for new laws to protect children from abuse; and for expansion of recycling and environmentally-friendly practices in state government.

Prior to the 2014 election, Harris served on the Memphis City Council, where he stood as an unwavering voice for neighborhoods, gun safety, environmental protections, broad anti-discrimination laws, respect for reproductive freedom and privacy, and a strong middle class. In addition to serving as Senate Minority Leader, Senator Harris works as a tenured full professor of law at the University of Memphis Law School. He is the only African-American to achieve that rank in the history of the Law School and the inaugural holder of the Federal Express Professorship in Law.