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dcoxbultan_small_edit.jpgDebbie Cox Bultan, Executive Director
debbie@newdealleaders.org | 202-660-1340

Debbie Cox Bultan has twenty-five years of experience in center-left politics, public policy and non-profit leadership. As Executive Director of NewDEAL, she oversees both strategy and day to day operations for the organization.

Debbie previously served as Executive Director for the Civic Leadership Foundation, a Chicago-based non-profit that prepares underserved youth for college, career and civic life. Prior to helping launch NewDEAL, Debbie spent fifteen years at the Democratic Leadership Council (DLC) where she served in a number of capacities, including National Political Director and Chief of Staff. Among her accomplishments at the DLC was developing a network of, and policy tools for, state and local elected officials across the country.

Debbie is also a veteran of numerous political campaigns in California.


Aaron_Simpson_small_Headshot.jpgAaron Simpson, Political Director
aaron@newdealleaders.org | 202-660-1340

Aaron Simpson hails from a background in political communications and campaign strategy with an emphasis on advancing pragmatic Democratic leadership across the country.

Prior to joining the NewDEAL, Aaron served in the Office of Congressman Mike McIntyre, where he developed and executed a nuanced communications strategy for one of the most conservative districts in the country represented by a Democrat at the time. After his time on Capitol Hill, Aaron went on to advise numerous state and local Democratic campaigns, helping candidates target crucial independent and conservative voting blocs and preparing rapid responses to hot-button political issues from the Affordable Care Act to the Iranian Nuclear Deal. Outside the political arena, Aaron has worked closely with non-profits and grassroots leaders in his home state of North Carolina to help engage and empower communities impacted by environmental crises like coal ash contamination and mountain-top removal.


kw_headshot.jpgKellee Wicker. Outreach Coordinator
kellee@newdealleaders.org | 202-660-1340

Kellee Wicker's background is in public policy, specializing in education and Latin American affairs. She holds a master's in global policy from the LBJ School of Public Affairs and a master's in Latin American studies, both from the University of Texas.  Her research and published works have covered topics ranging from the economics of education in Brazil, trilateral aid among developing nations, and climate change.  She has also published extensively with the Baines Report, an online policy magazine.  

Kellee has also worked as a graphic designer for over 6 years, and has drawn on her training as a quantitative analyst to create infographics and data visualizations.  

She brings both talents to her work with NewDEAL overseeing outreach to NewDEAL Leaders and the broader NewDEAL community.

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