2016 NewDEAL Leaders Election Results

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While more analysis on last night's election is yet to come, the results clearly show that too many Americans feel left behind in a changing economy and perceive that Washington is not doing enough to help.

NewDEAL Leaders -- pro-growth progressive state and local elected officials around the country -- have been championing bold ideas to foster innovation and entrepreneurship and to help everyone succeed in the 21st century economy.

Last night, 52 of 53 NewDEAL Leaders won their re-election campaigns, and several won higher office. To them, and to all of the NewDEAL Leaders who ran ideas- and results-oriented campaigns, we send our congratulations.

In the weeks and months ahead, we look forward to working with you and these next generation leaders to promote ideas that advance economic growth and shared prosperity.

NewDEAL Leaders Who Won Election for Higher Office

Leaders Who Won Election for Higher Office

NewDEAL Leaders Who Won Re-Election

Warwick Sabin (Representative, Little Rock, AR) * Clarke Tucker (Representative, Little Rock, AR) * Chris Clark (City Councilmember, Mountain View, CA) * Vincent Sarmiento (Mayor Pro Tem, Santa Ana, CA) * Dan Pabon (Representative, Denver, CO) * Brittany Pettersen (Representative, Lakewood, CO) * Bob Duff (Senator, Norwalk, CT) * Cristin McCarthy Vahey (Representative, Fairfield, CT) * Caroline Simmons (Representative, Stamford, CT) * Helene Keeley (Representative, Wilmington, DE) * Bryon Short (Representative, Wilmington, DE) * Dave Aronberg (State Attorney, West Palm Beach, FL) * Stacey Abrams (House Minority Leader, Atlanta, GA)
* Scott Holcomb (Representative, Atlanta, GA) * Elena Parent (Senator, Atlanta, GA) * Scott Saiki (Representative, Honolulu, HI) * Jeff Danielson (Senator, Cedar Falls, IA) * Liz Mathis (Senator, Cedar Rapids, IA) * Elaine Nekritz (Representative, Northbrook, IL) * Heather Steans (Senator, Chicago, IL) * Charles Branson (District Attorney, Douglas County, KS) * Brandon Whipple (Representative, Wichita, KS) * Eric Lesser (Senator, Longmeadow, MA) * Andy Meisner (County Treasurer, Oakland County, MI) * Sam Singh (Representative, East Lansing, MI) * Melisa Franzen (Senator, Edina, MN) * Shalonn Curls (Senator, Jefferson City, MO) * Tishaura Jones (Treasurer, St. Louis, MO) * Chris Rodgers (County Commissioner, Douglas County, NE) * Liz Lempert (Mayor, Princeton, NJ) * Jacob Candelaria (Senator, Albuquerque, NM) * Teresa Benitez-Thompson (Assemblymember, Reno, NV) * Aaron Ford (Senator, Las Vegas, NV) * Michael Blake (Assemblymember, New York City, NY) * David Buchwald (Assemblymember, White Plains, NY) * Joe Morelle (Assembly Majority Leader, Rochester, NY) * Jay Chaudhuri (Senator, Raleigh, NC) * Grier Martin (Representative, Raleigh, NC) * John O'Grady (County Commissioner, Franklin County, OH) * Mark Hass (Senator, Beaverton, OR) * Eugene DePasquale (Auditor General, Pennsylvania) * Brandon Neuman (Representative, Washington, PA) * Vincent Sheheen (Senator, Camden, SC) * Mike Stewart (Representative, Nashville, TN) * Rafael Anchia (Representative, Dallas, TX) * Cesar Blanco (Representative, El Paso, TX) * Eric Johnson (Representative, Dallas, TX) * Rebecca Chavez-Houck (Representative, Salt Lake City, UT) * Ben McAdams (County Mayor, Salt Lake County, UT) * Kevin Ranker (Senator, Orcas Island, WA) * Janette Millin Young (Senator, U.S. Virgin Islands)

There are two races that are still too close to call:
Eric Meyer (State Senate, AR) * Jennifer Shilling (Senator, La Crosse, WI)

We also congratulate NewDEAL Board Member
Loranne Ausley on her election to the Florida House of Representatives!

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