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2020 in the states

In a look ahead to 2020 legislative sessions from The Hill, NewDEALers weigh in on ambitious policy agendas to expect from state capitals across the country, where lawmakers plan to address big issues like affordable housing, education funding, and broadband, while also preparing for the next round of redistricting that will take place after November's elections. Read more here to check out comments from Colorado Senator Kerry Donovan, Virginia Senator Jennifer McClellan, and California Senate Majority Leader Bob Hertzberg about their priorities for 2020. 


Securing the 2020 Census

One of the biggest 2020 initiatives for state and local governments is the next census, which will have a wide-ranging impact for the coming decade, including on how federal funding is apportioned and on states' representation in Congress. With so many people expected to respond to the survey online, Government Tech examines the prospects for the “first primarily digital Census.” While cybersecurity must be a serious prioirity to ensure an accurate count, many experts, including local officials like NewDEAL Leader Providence Mayor Jorge Elorza, say misinformation is the biggest challenge. Read more about the keys to combating concerns that an undercount will harm communities that most need support determined by Census data.


NewDealer in the Spotlight:
Lauren McLean, Mayor-elect (Boise, ID)

NewDEALers Rising

While 2019 may have been an “off-year” in the national political dialogue, NewDEAL Leaders continued to earn higher offices, including seven new mayors whose forward-looking visions and practical solutions for their communities resonated with Americans across the country. The most recent winner, Lauren McLean, who previously served as a city councilmember, will be sworn in Tuesday after defeating the city’s long-time incumbent in December. She joins Kate Gallego (Phoenix), Eric Johnson (Dallas), Leirion Gaylor Baird (Lincoln, NE), Quinton Lucas (Kansas City, MO), Steven Reed (Montgomery, AL) and Brandon Whipple (Wichita, KS), as NewDEALers elected mayor in the past year. The NewDEAL also congratulates former Albany Councilmember Dr. Dorcey Applyrs, who was sworn in as Chief City Auditor on January 1, having received an appointment by fellow NewDEALer Mayor Kathy Sheehan

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