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A NewDEAL for Democrats

Don't miss this important op-ed in today's Roll Call published by NewDEAL Leader Cincinnati Councilmember P.G. Sittenfeld, highlighting some of the innovative policies that NewDEAL Leaders have successfully championed in red, purple and blue states across the country. Councilmember Sittenfeld argues that the winning agenda, both for our party and our country, "should start with the policies implemented by pro-growth progressives across the country who have proven we can address the challenges that touch voters' lives in meaningful ways every single day."

Let America Vote

NewDEAL Alum Jason Kander recently launched Let America Vote, an effort to combat voter suppression laws around the nation and support Americans' voting rights. The organization's advisory board also includes a number of NewDEAL Leaders and alumni from around the country. Learn more about the launch or check out Let America Vote's website for more information.

NewDEALer in the Spotlight:
Bob Buckhorn, Mayor (Tampa, FL)

Mayor Bob Buckhorn

Paid Parental Leave for City Employees

NewDEAL Leader Tampa Mayor Bob Buckhorn recently announced a new policy to provide city employers with paid parental leave, and encouraged other employers to follow the city's lead. During his announcement, he emphasized the role paid leave plays in attracting talented employees. Learn more about the city's policy and how it could create larger change across Tampa, and check out Mayor Buckhorn's op-ed on the importance of paid leave for the city's economy.

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