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State of Entrepreneurship 2017

The Kauffman Foundation released their annual State of Entrepreneurship report, finding three mega-trends that are fundamentally reshaping entrepreneurship in America. Check out the report summary to learn more or to download the report in full. 

National Healthcare Day of Action 

Mayors across the United States, including a number of NewDEAL Leaders, participated in National Healthcare Day of Action on Wednesday, publicizing the positive impacts the Affordable Care Act has had on their communities and constituents and calling for other leaders to work for repair, not repeal. Read what NewDEAL Leader Louisville, KY Mayor Greg Fischer had to say on what the ACA has done for the people of his city. 

NewDEALer in the Spotlight: Seth Magaziner, Treasurer

(Rhode Island) 


Bank Local for Job Growth

NewDEAL Leader Rhode Island Treasurer Seth Magaziner recently announced his Bank Local initiative, aimed at encouraging loans to small businesses to create new jobs. The initiative will move millions of dollars in state deposits to local banks and credit unions that join the program, for use in qualifying loans to small businesses. Learn more about Bank Local. 

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