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Venture Capital Consolidation

The NewDEAL's friends at Third Way recently released a new report on American venture capital, finding that most VC is invested in just four metropolitan areas and infrequently finds its way to minority-owned or female-owned business. Check out their report for more details and a discussion of policy approaches to open up access to capital and help connect capital to talent.

Pay for Success Feasibility Grants

The Sorenson Center at the University of Utah released a request for proposals on March 1 to help fund feasibility studies on Pay for Success projects for economic development, healthy futures, and youth development. Under the Pay for Success model, governments enter a contract to pay for outcomes and effectiveness rather than just the quantity of services provided. State and local governments who are interested in applying can find more details and contact info here.

NewDEALer in the Spotlight:
Johnathan Austin, City Council President
(Birmingham, AL) 


Increasing Access to Healthy Food

NewDEAL Leader Birmingham City Council President Johnathan Austin's proposal to help more residents afford healthy foods was passed unanimously by the council this week. The program aims to compensate for the burden of the grocery sales tax, which has made it more difficult for low-income individuals and families to purchase healthy food, by providing a card with funds to buy these items at participating groceries. Learn more about the program's details and how Austin hopes it will improve people's lives.

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