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The State of Gig Work Today

The Aspen Institute's Economic Opportunities Program held a workshop to dig more deeply into the state of the gig economy's, finding reasons for hope about potential solutions to problems with pay and benefits, while also noting that the gig economy is "emblematic of the issues of instability in work in America today." Participants outlined a few promising ideas to make gig work more valuable and beneficial for workers, but highlighted that freelancers still struggle to make ends meet. See Next Avenue's coverage of the workshop for more details on the opportunities and challenges for gig workers and companies in 2019.


Standing for Moderate Pragmatism

NewDEAL Alumnus Congressman Ben McAdams penned an op-ed for USA Today emphasizing the importance of standing for pragmatic and moderate policies in an era of polarization: "In our districts, we heard the message loud and clear: The public is sick and tired of the partisan gridlock, and people want pragmatists who will get to work on sound public policy." Check out Congressman McAdams' piece, which highlights work from NewDEAL's friends at the New Democrat Coalition, and outlines the importance of the kind of results-driven policy that NewDEAL Leaders advocate for at all levels of government.

NewDEALer in the Spotlight:
Eric Lesser, Senator
(First Hampden and Hampshire, MA)


Student Loan Bill of Rights

NewDEAL Leader Massachusetts Senator Eric Lesser wrote an op-ed for the Boston Globe highlighting the heavy debt burdens many Americans carry, the shameful actions by loan servicers, and how these burdens hinder borrowers from economic success and building wealth. Senator Lesser is renewing his efforts to address the problem, re-filing his Student Loan Bill of Rights to protect borrowers, provide them with assistance, and increase government oversight on loan servicers. Read his op-ed to learn more about his work to address this challenge that affects millions of Americans.

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