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The Economic Struggle in Rural Counties

Ensuring that all people can succeed in the changing economy is critical, and a new report from the NewDEAL's friends at the Economic Innovation Group comparing economic mobility in America's most prosperous and most distressed counties is both troubling and important. Learn more about the geographic divide in economic mobility and how it is playing out politically.

Finding Peer Cities

A new tool from the Chicago Federal Reserve allows cities to find peer cities that are facing similar challenges, with the aim of helping policymakers share policy ideas and experience to improve responses to big problems. Check out more details about this exciting tool and how it can help improve interactions to build better solutions faster. 

NewDEALer in the Spotlight:
Lauren McLean, City Councilmember

(Boise, ID)


Grist 50

NewDEAL Leader Boise, ID City Councilmember Lauren McLean was named to the Grist 50, a list of innovators and problem solvers working to solve major challenges. Grist highlighted Councilmember McLean's work on land conservation, energy efficiency, and social justice, including her work on Boise's geothermal LIV district, a finalist idea in the NewDEAL 2015 Ideas Challenge.

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