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Promoting Innovative Good Governance

The NewDEAL celebrated 8 years last week, and we were happy to have NewDEAL Leaders, supporters, and friends join us on social media to celebrate our milestone! Check out an article published by The Well News this week on our 8 years of work, including insights from NewDEAL Leaders themselves on the collaboration and idea-sharing that happens among NewDEALers, as well as the refreshing results-oriented approach to politics and governments that binds them together.

Automation and a Changing Economy

The Aspen Institute's Future of Work initiative released their new "Automation and a Changing Economy" report, detailing automation's anticipated impact on the American workforce and recommendations to ensure the workforce can best adapt to the fast-changing economy. Read the report for more details, including many policy ideas that align with those recommended by the NewDEAL Forum Future of Work policy group.


NewDEALer in the Spotlight:
Lauren McLean, City Council President
(Boise, ID)

Clean Energy Leadership

This week, the Boise City Council approved a plan to achieve 100% clean energy by 2035, an initiative sponsored by NewDEAL Leader Council President Lauren McLean. The plan involves six actionable strategies, each with their own targets, to lay out a cost-effective path for the switch to clean energy. Read more about Boise's commitment, which made it Idaho's first city to commit to a 100% renewable energy goal.

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