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Reaching Voters with an Economic Message

Check out NewDEAL Honorary Co-Chair former Governor Jack Markell's great piece in this week's Washington Monthly offering a blueprint for state leaders based on his experience in Delaware, emphasizing how Democrats across the country can reconnect with voters with solid economic strategies that promote broadly-shared middle class prosperity.

Nominate an Innovator for a Navigator Award

Route Fifty's Navigator Awards recognize public servants and innovators, including state and local elected officials, that are implementing great ideas to improve public sector services and the communities they serve, something NewDEAL Leaders do every day through pro-growth progressive policies. Nominate someone by June 14 for this year's Navigator Awards!

NewDEALer in the Spotlight:
Cyrus Habib, Lieutenant Governor

Connecting All Students to High Achievement Programs

When federal funding came up short to help low-income students afford AP and IB tests this year, NewDEAL Leader Washington Lieutenant Governor Cyrus Habib promised to raise funds to ensure that those students wouldn't go without support. After a successful fundraising campaign, Lt. Gov. Habib raised enough funds to cover the testing fees for around 15,000 Washington high schoolers. Learn more about his work and about how these tests connect students to higher education.

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