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States and Cities' Role in Combatting Climate Change

A column in Governing this week focused on the importance of developing clear local policy responses to climate change, something federal proposals have lacked. The author highlighted the need for states, counties, and cities to develop solutions tailored to their unique challenges caused by climate change, something that NewDEAL Leaders have already been working on across the nation. Leaders will participate with other partners in a new climate working group organized by our sister organization, the NewDEAL Forum, to research best practices and develop policy recommendations for state and local government. Check out the column, then see a list of example policies NewDEALers are already implementing around the country.

Small Places, Big Ideas

The new "Small Places, Big Ideas" Innovation Cohort is now accepting applications! This partnership between a network of local governments and a software firm seeks to help local governments pilot new ideas and technology, and will focus on smaller localities that often do not have the funding or support they need to adopt new technology. Read StateScoop for more details on the cohort and grant.


NewDEALer in the Spotlight

Daniele Monroe-Moreno, Assemblymember

North Las Vegas, NV

Expanding Access to Clean Energy

NewDEAL Leader Nevada Assemblymember Daniele Monroe-Moreno recently presented a bill to create an expanded solar access program. The program aims to help renters and low-income customers have access to using solar power offered by electric utilities or through a community-based project, something that is often only available to people who own a home or have the money to finance installation. Learn more about the bill, which also includes workforce training.

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