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Grants to "Move the Needle"

The Laura and John Arnold Foundation has announced new grants for state and local government agencies through their Moving the Needle initiative, which seeks to fund evidence-based programs to demonstrate their impact on major social problems in the United States. See their Request for Proposals for more information and to learn how to apply for the grant.

Addressing Persistent Rural Poverty

Persistent poverty, or poverty affecting 20% or more of a population for at least 30 years, affects 353 counties in the United States, 85% of which are rural. Check out CFED's summary of a new report from NeighborWorks on tackling this problem with perspectives and recommendations from the heads of four organizations working in rural areas across the U.S.

NewDEALer in the Spotlight:
Kwanza Hall, City Councilmember
(Atlanta, GA)


Committing to Renewable Energy

NewDEAL Leader Atlanta Councilmember Kwanza Hall sponsored a resolution this week to commit Atlanta to powering the city with 100% renewable sources by 2035. The resolution passed unanimously, making Atlanta the 27th U.S. city to make the commitment and the first in Georgia. Read more details and what Councilmember Hall had to say about this ambitious goal for adapting to a new economy in which good environmental policy can support growth.

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