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Centrism as a Force for Change

The recent French election was an exciting victory for Emmanuel Macron, the young centrist outsider. Read Third Way's Jon Cowan and Jim Kessler's take on what American moderates can learn from his win, and on how bold, forward-looking centrism presents the best answer to rising right-wing populism.

Energy Gang Podcast

Keep up to date with news on the environment and renewable energy with the Energy Gang, a weekly roundtable podcast. The podcast covers energy and environment news in the United States and around the world, focusing on both government and business. Check out their episodes to find out more.

NewDEALer in the Spotlight:
Brittany Pettersen, Representative
(Lakewood, CO)


Improving Charter School Funding System

NewDEAL Leader Lakewood, CO Representative Brittany Pettersen co-sponsored a "historic" and bipartisan charter school funding bill that has passed the legislature and now goes to the Governor's desk. The bill ensures that voter-approved tax increases are equitably shared with charter schools, while also requiring additional transparency and accountability from charters, to help ensure the most opportunities for all Colorado schoolchildren to get a quality education. Check out this Denver Post article for more details on the bill's provisions.

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