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10 Great Ways Data Can Make Government Better

Harvard's Data-Smart City Solutions recently published a list of 10 things governments can do to leverage data to improve operations and services. Check out their list and read in-depth notes for ideas about how to take advantage of technology to modernize government.

Connecting the Homeless with IDs

Pew Stateline's research shows that many homeless individuals lack IDs, which makes it difficult to access services, enter government buildings, get a job, or find a place to live. Learn how some states and cities are working to make it easier for the homeless to get ID cards.

NewDEALer in the Spotlight:
Josh Shapiro, Attorney General


Supporting a Successful Reentry

NewDEAL Leader Pennsylvania Attorney General Josh Shapiro recently announced the creation of a statewide Reentry Council, which will help four state agencies coordinate efforts to reduce recidivism by addressing five major challenges of reentry. In the announcement, Attorney General Shapiro emphasized that government can't expect more arrests alone to solve its criminal justice challenges. Read more details about the council's plans to help former inmates.

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