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The Importance of Local Leaders

In his NY Times column this week, Tom Friedman makes the case that despite grave rhetoric to the contrary, America has "bounty of thriving (communities across the country) — not because of a strongman in Washington but because of strong leaders at the local level". In particular the piece highlights the success of NewDEAL Leader Mayor Greg Fischer, calling Louisville an example of a community on the rise where leaders "understand today's world" and where the public and private sectors are smartly "working together to thrive within" a transformed economy. Read more about Friedman's trip through America's heartland and his reporting on how a powerful combination of community cooperation and smart government that embraces the new economy can create broadly-shared growth.

Index of Startup Activity

The Kauffman Foundation published their 2017 Index of Startup Activity recently, finding that startup activity is continuing a three-year rise to reach pre-recession levels. Read a summary of their findings, with a link to state- and metro-specific interactive data to learn more about the growth of new business in communities throughout the country.

NewDEALer in the Spotlight:
Buddy Dyer, Mayor
(Orlando, FL)


Pioneering Smart City Tech

NewDEAL Leader Orlando Mayor Buddy Dyer announced a new Smart ORL initiative, which will combine work across all departments city-wide and implement smart city technology to strengthen infrastructure, improve city operations, save money, and make the city more livable for years to come. Check out his blog post with the Brookings Institution for more information about Smart ORL. The Mayor notes how thoughtfully-deployed digital technologies will connect residents to real-time information and help departments, including police and fire, better respond to the city's needs, while responding to challenges presented by climate change and growing urbanization.

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