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Helping Workers Save for Emergencies

Around 40% of American households do not have enough savings to live at the poverty level for three months in case of a loss of income, meaning that many families are not prepared to weather short-term interruptions to their wages or plan for future goals. A new federal policy brief from Prosperity Now looks at how the Saving for the Future Act, co-sponsored by NewDEAL Honorary Vice Chair Senator Chris Coons, could help families save. Check out the brief, which also offers insight into policy solutions that can be implemented at the state level, like an expanded EITC or support for workplace savings programs.

Preparing Female Workers for Automation

Many policy discussions around the future of work center on addressing the impacts of future automation, and new research indicates that these discussions should also have a gender perspective in mind. Read "Women, Automation, and the Future of Work" from the Institute for Women's Policy Research for insights into how female workers will be uniquely impacted by automation and check out the NewDEAL Forum Future of Work policy report for more solutions to ensure women have equitable opportunities in the changing workplace.

NewDEALer in the Spotlight
Kerry Donovan, Senator
Vail, CO

Investing in Rural Broadband

This week, NewDEAL Leader Colorado Senator Kerry Donovan saw three of her bills become law, including the rural broadband infrastructure bill she has worked years to pass. The bill focuses on installation of broadband infrastructure in rural areas, which have struggled to compete economically due to lack of access and slow connection speeds. Senator Donovan called the bill "a national model" and expects it to be duplicated in other states. Learn more about the bill and others that were signed into law.

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