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Leadership in Government Fellowships

The Open Society Foundations announced a new program to award individual grants to former senior-level government officials and staff who have recently left federal, state or local government, but wish to continue driving social change. Leadership in Government Fellows will receive funding to undertake a project aligned with the organization's broad policy goals, such as equitable economic growth. Click to learn more, and encourage a former public servant in your community to apply.

Expanding Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurs must be open to risk, as many new businesses fail, but many households and individuals don’t have the financial capacity for risk. Minorities and millennials are especially unlikely to have the savings or assets necessary to start a business. Read New America Foundation’s write-up on how social safety net policies can increase new business creation by giving entrepreneurs the ability to strike out on their own even when it’s risky.

NewDEALer in the Spotlight:

Bob Duff, Senator (Norwalk, CT)

Funding School Facilities

Last week, NewDEAL Leader Connecticut Senate Majority Leader Bob Duff announced state funding for a Norwalk charter school to build a permanent middle school. Like many schools around the country, Side by Side had been operating out of temporary, modular buildings. “Investing in school buildings is important because it helps create positive learning environments which can assist in motivating students to engage in the learning process,” said Senator Duff. Read more about how this funding will help the school continue to invest in its students.

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