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Building Pipelines of Opportunity

An initiative funded by the Bloomberg Foundation, Gates Foundation, and Ballmer Group has selected 10 cities  to receive grants and assistance for an 18-month program to boost economic mobility through projects that fall into "three broad categories: education, housing affordability, and job training and financial planning." Of the 10 cities selected, 5 are led by NewDEAL Mayors: Lovely Warren in Rochester, NY; John Cranley in Cincinnati, OH; Nan Whaley in Dayton, OH; Andy Schor in Lansing, MI; and Tim Keller in Albuquerque, NM. Read CityLab for more details about the program and how each city's pilot will use unique methods and policies.

The Fiscal Side of Prison Reform

A new report from the Council of State Governments shows that supporting individuals' successful reentry and addressing inequities in the criminal justice system can have an important effect on states' fiscal health. Parole and probation violations in particular are filling prisons while costing large amounts of money, without improving public safety. Check out Route Fifty to learn more about how limiting the thousands of instances of technical violations and parole revocations that send people to prison can save states hundreds of millions of dollars while reducing recidivism. 


NewDEALer in the Spotlight:
John O'Grady, Commissioner
(Franklin County, OH)


Innovating to Help Make Ends Meet

NewDEAL Leader Franklin County, OH Commissioner John O'Grady recently outlined the county's new plan to help residents who are living under the poverty line, most of whom are employed but still struggling to make ends meet. After 9 months of meetings with the community, commissioners developed a plan with 13 goals and more than 120 action steps. Read more details about the plan, which includes the creation of an innovation center to pilot policies that have been successful in other parts of the country and find what works for Franklin County.

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