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Building a House Majority in 2018

NewDEAL's friends at Third Way recently published "How to Build a House [Majority]", a report looking the types of districts Democrats need to win in 2018 to re-establish a majority in Congress, which includes lessons for winning elections up and down the ballot in today's political environment. Third Way outlines what characterizes the voters in districts where Democrats can be competitive, and lays out a strategy for connecting with those voters. Read the Washington Post's coverage of the report here.

All Transportation Is Local

Transportation affects every aspect of a community, from economic growth to safety to quality of life, and leaders at every level need to be ready to make sound policy decisions. Check out TransitCenter's "All Transportation is Local" field guide for city leaders, which emphasizes that the quality of a transportation system isn't just decided at the state and federal levels. The report provides guidance on how local officials can improve transportation in their cities and metropolitan areas.

NewDEALer in the Spotlight:
Amanda Edwards, City Councilmember
(Houston, TX)


Encouraging Startups for a Stronger City

A task force chaired by NewDEAL Leader Houston Councilmember Amanda Edwards has laid out plans for harnessing Houston's burgeoning tech startup scene to create robust economic growth. The task force's plan includes specific recommendations for tax incentives and overhauling the city's procurement process, as well as creating a founder's visa program to help talented foreigners stay in Houston and start companies. Learn more about how the task force would meet its goals to advocate for startups, create an innovation district, and turn the city into a testing ground for new technology.


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