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Mobilizing Experience to Build Tomorrow's Workforce

The United States is potentially facing a shortage of five million skilled workers, but policies to implement prior learning assessment could help change that by allowing non-traditional learners to complete training and degree programs earlier using college credit awarded based on experiential knowledge and skills. Check out more information in Governing about prior learning assessment and the state policy leaders who are developing strategies using this promising tool.

Open Data for Transparency and Economic Benefits

Governments at all levels are working to make their data public and accessible in order to increase transparency, but open data's value goes beyond transparency and citizen engagement. Open data can also reduce transaction and service costs, increase operational efficiencies, and boost the private sector's ability to develop new uses for data. Learn more on StateTech.

NewDEALer in the Spotlight:

Dan Gilman, City CouncilmemberĀ (Pittsburgh, PA)

Technology and Training for Public Health

NewDEAL Leader Pittsburgh City Councilmember Dan Gilman recently joined Pittsburgh's mayor and the Allegheny County executive to announce a three-pronged plan to improve public safety and mobilize residents to take action. A new smartphone app will alert bystanders to the need for CPR, paired with expanded CPR training for Pittsburgh residents and Gilman's push for registration of defibrillators. Read more about this innovative plan.

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