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Partisan Gerrymandering

The Brookings Institution examines why the Supreme Court's decision to hear a case on partisan gerrymandering is important, along with a judicial history on gerrymandering. NewDEAL Leaders recently participated in a conference call with author & researcher Eric McGhee, NewDEAL Leader North Carolina Senator Jay Chaudhuri, and NewDEAL Alum former Salt Lake City Mayor Ralph Becker to talk about gerrymandering's impacts and how to address it at the state and local level. Click each speaker's name to read more about their own work on gerrymandering.

New Dems Propose Path Forward on Healthcare

The New Democrat Coalition, led by Representatives Kurt Schrader, Ann McLane Kuster, and Ami Bera, released a set of proposals targeted at stabilizing health insurance markets and bringing down the cost of healthcare for all Americans. The proposals outline ways to create a permanent reinsurance program, reduce healthcare costs for low-income Americans, promote greater insurance coverage, create a greater number of affordable insurance options, and improve the marketplaces.

NewDEALer in the Spotlight:
Andy Berke, Mayor
(Chattanooga, TN)


Mapping Open Data

Continuing efforts to use technology to make government more efficient and responsive, NewDEAL Leader Chattanooga Mayor Andy Berke recently launched City Insider, a new map-based open data exploration tool that allows users to interact with the city's open data. A searchable map helps to better engage residents in identifying issues and solutions, and allows officials to make smarter decisions with quick access to information. Learn more about City Insider in Route Fifty.


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