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Building a Skills Agenda for the New Economy

This week, NewDEAL Leaders Little Rock, AR Representative Warwick Sabin and Cook County, IL Commissioner Bridget Gainer wrote an op-ed highlighting the work that they and other NewDEAL Leaders are doing to help prepare workers for 21st century jobs. Read the piece in Route Fifty to learn more about the policy solutions NewDEAL Leaders around the U.S. are championing to unleash broadly shared economic growth.

Understanding the Rural/Urban Divide

A Washington Post-Kaiser Family Foundation survey of 1700 Americans in rural and urban areas found rural residents feel a deep divide between their values and urban Americans' values. The survey shows that the rural-urban divide goes beyond economic experience to social identity. Read the Washington Post's report on the poll's results to find out more.

NewDEALers in the Spotlight:
Bill Ferguson, Senator,
and Brooke Lierman, Delegate
(Baltimore, MD)


Screen_Shot_2017-07-28_at_10.38.47_AM.png Screen_Shot_2017-07-28_at_10.38.58_AM.png


Investing in Youth for Crime Prevention

NewDEAL Leaders Senator Bill Ferguson and Delegate Brooke Lierman are among the Baltimore-area state legislators leading an effort to improve public safety, reduce crime, and invest in youth in the City. Delegate Lierman highlighted the urgency of their package of proposals, noting the very high cost of lives -- and lost potential -- from the City's violence, while Senator Ferguson talked about the need to address more than just short-term crime, including by ensuring youth have opportunities that prevent them from being drawn to violence. Learn more about what the proposal package includes




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