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In case you missed it, check out a recap of the highlights from this year's 7th Annual Leader Conference!

Cities of Service Mobilizes Citizens

Cities of Service, a coalition of 235 US and UK cities that work to increase citizen engagement to improve cities, recently announced their new Engaged Cities Award, a $100,000 award to any city that can demonstrate a project that has a direct impact on their community. Check out Fast Company's write-up on the coalition and the award, including examples of successful projects with NewDEAL Mayors Ethan Berkowitz (Anchorage, AK), Pete Buttigieg (South Bend, IN), Karen Freeman-Wilson (Gary, IN), and Greg Stanton (Phoenix, AZ).

Innovative Funding Forced by Climate Change

As cities grapple with more extreme weather events and other impacts of climate change, prolonged under-investment in infrastructure is a pressing concern. Municipal governments have responded by developing new data-driven investment models and innovative financing solutions. Learn more from Route Fifty's coverage of a recent City Accelerator report, the author of which says the next wave of the future is investing in capital projects that boost resilience. The report also includes recommendations, like suggesting that people assembling capital projects adopt a longer-term view than they’re traditionally used to, to avoid structural deficits the likes of which have created death spirals in some cities.

NewDEALer in the Spotlight:
New Ideas Challenge Winners


2017 New Ideas Challenge Winners

The NewDEAL recently announced the six winners of the 2017 New Ideas Challenge, and their ideas have already been making waves. Arkansas Representative Clarke Tucker's win for the Statewide Imagination Library Partnership was featured in the Arkansas Times, while Rhode Island Treasurer Seth Magaziner's winning BankLocal program has received high praise from the Providence Journal editorial board for, in its first year, enabling 180 small business loans by depositing $19M with 8 local banks. Elsewhere, Denver Mayor Michael Hancock's winning Governmental Entrepreneurial Leadership Accelerator was the subject of an ebook from Route Fifty, and you can read coverage of West Sacramento, CA Mayor Chris Cabaldon's winning Kids' Home Run initiative as well as Nebraska Senator Kate Bolz'community college gap assistance proposal andNew Jersey Assemblymember Troy Singleton's work on innovative portable benefits legislation to support workers in the gig economy.

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