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Patriotism & Optimism

During our 7th Annual Leaders Conference this year, NewDEAL Leaders and friends heard from Simon Rosenberg, founder and president of New Democrat Network and New Policy Institute, who gave an engaging talk on the Case for Optimism, highlighting our country's recent progress in the face of ongoing challenges and Democrats' path forward. Join Simon on December 14 for an online showing of his full presentation, "On Patriotism, Optimism and American Greatness” - sign up here!

Chicago Climate Charter

This week, world mayors, including a number of NewDEAL Leaders, gathered to sign the Chicago Climate Charter, a document that aligns with the Paris Agreement and calls for mayors to achieve reductions in greenhouse gas emissions, work with scientific experts on solutions to climate change, and other commitments. Check out USA Today's coverage of what's inside the charter to learn more about how these cities plan to lead on climate. 

NewDEALers in the Spotlight


Talking Taxes

As Congress works on passing a comprehensive tax reform bill, NewDEAL Leaders are raising concerns about the projected impact on their constituents. Read op-eds from Idaho Representative Mat ErpeldingLouisville Mayor Greg Fischer, and Dallas County, TX Judge Clay Jenkins detailing how the proposed legislation would affect their communities and arguing instead for a tax plan that helps families thrive and succeed, and businesses continue to grow and prosper.

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