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NewDEAL's Year in Review - 2019

It has been an exciting and rewarding 2019, as NewDEALers have led signficant policy changes throughout the country on big issues like education, climate change, housing, and more, while continuing their incredible record of rising to higher office. We hope you had a chance to engage with us at events, during our monthly calls, or online through social media. Thank you to everyone who has helped make it possible to give these leaders the support they deserve! 

In case you missed them, check out some of the notable NewDEAL moments this year: 

We gathered in Denver for our 4th Ideas Summit, announced the finalists and winners of our Ideas Challenge at the 9th Annual Leaders Conference in Washington, DC, and celebrated election victories across the nation, including by seven NewDEALers who became the new Mayors of Bosie, Dallas, Kansas City, Lincoln, Montgomery, Phoenix, and Wichita. Meanwhile, we are proud to see the success of the first NewDEAL Leader presidential candidate as Mayor Pete continues to build momentum across the country (pictured below from out 2018 conference). Check out his message from this year's Ideas Summit!

Our sister organization, the NewDEAL Forum, launched the Climate Change Policy Group to identify the most effective ideas for states and cities to mitigate and adapt to global warming. In November, the Forum also announced an Education Policy Group to propose solutions for schools to address the jobs/skills mismatch and other topics at the intersection of education and the workforce. Both groups will release reports in 2020. Meanwhile, the Forum's Future of Work Policy Group continued its efforts with an update to its 2018 recommendations


As we expand our efforts to support the 181 innovative NewDEAL Leaders and promote great ideas across the country in 2020, we hope that you'll continue to support us, whether by contributing financiallynominating an elected official for membership consideration, or joining us for an event. Over the holidays, catch up on our podcast: An Honorable Profession.

Hear why it has been downloaded eight thousand times as listeners are tuning in to hear from the brightest rising stars in state and local government, including: Mayor Pete, Nebraska congressional candidate Senator Kate Bolz, Masachusetts Senator Eric Lesser, and, most recently, Mayor Steve Reed, who was elected this year as the first African-American to lead Montgomery, Alabama. Keep an eye out for more podcast episodes in 2020. We'll also resume our weekly newsletter, the 2 Minute Download, in the new year.

Happy holidays and warm wishes from the NewDEAL Team!

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