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Removing Barriers to Work Credentials

More than ever, high-quality jobs today require higher education and/or some form of certification beyond a high school diploma, but American workers struggle to get the skills and credentials they need to access good-paying careers. Third Way has identified six hurdles to securing post secondary credentials and has offered 30 policy solutions to address these hurdles, paving the way for workers to achieve credentials most valued by employers and improve their economic standing. Read about these solutions, including ones for state and local leaders to puruse.

Counting the "Hard to Count"

With all of the attention around the risk of undercounting disadvantaged groups in the 2020 Census, a new tool allows policymakers, community organizers, and the public to look at which communities are considered by the Census Bureau as hard to count, based on 2010 response rates. This "Hard to County Map" allows for data to be filtered by county, congressional district, or other geographic limits. Learn more from Data-Smart City Solutions about how this new interactive tool offers a way for governments to plan for outreach and targeting to ensure all groups are fairly counted in 2020.


NewDEALer in the Spotlight

Rick Kriseman, Mayor (St. Petersburg, FL) 

Investing in Affordable Housing

NewDEAL Leader St. Petersburg Mayor Rick Kriseman unveiled a new 10-year affordable housing plan that will help an estimated 7000 households. His plan focuses on the construction of new multifamily housing units, new accessory dwelling units to add to housing stock, new funding for an affordable housing pool, and other solutions to both add housing and to protect existing properties. Check out more details about his ambitious new plan and how it will be funded.

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