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States Must Protect Democratic Process and Stand Against Gerrymandering

The Supreme Court punted on political gerrymandering with the recent ruling that courts do not have a measure to determine if it violates the Constitution. That leaves states and Congress as the only avenues to deal with the issue. In their write-up on the ruling, Governing Magazine notes that "the ruling leaves elections as one of the few fronts available to fight partisan gerrymandering", and the work of officials already in office is even more important than before. NewDEAL Leaders like Michigan Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson are championing efforts to ensure maps are far like Michigan's Independent Citizens Redistricting Commission.


Protecting Democracy by Boosting Voter Participation

States have many options to engage voters and boost participation in the electoral process, from making it easier to vote to improving voter education to investing in voter outreach. Check out this post from the Center for American Progress on options for state policymakers to increase turnout and strengthen our democracy.

NewDEAL Leaders Working to Empower Voters

In addition to the NewDEAL Leaders on the front lines of redistricting battles, many NewDEALers are working in other ways to mobilize and empower voters. Andrew Gillum's work in Florida is investing heavily in registering new voters, while Stacey Abrams battles voter suppression nationwide with her new organization Fair Fight Action. Some NewDEAL Leaders are working to mobilize younger voters, like through California Secretary of State Alex Padilla's pre-registration drive for 16- and 17-year-olds, which pre-registered 200,000 Californian teens last year. Legislation pushed by Nevada House Speaker Jason Frierson includes provisions like same-day voter registration, and Hawaii has moved to statewide all-mail voting as the result of legislation sponsored by House Speaker Scott Saiki. Maricopa County Recorder, Adrian Fontes, is streamlining the process to get citizens registered to vote in local and statewide elections.

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