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Making Government Work Better

NewDEAL Leader Orlando Mayor Buddy Dyer is leading his city to leverage technology and improve residents' interactions with government. In an op-ed in Government Technology magazine, Mayor Dyer talks about Orlando's investment in the city's online presence, borrowing the private sector model of using the web to allow residents to conduct business with government when and how they want, with the device of their choosing. Read his column to learn more about how Orlando is making government user-friendly.

Women Left Behind in Labor Market

For Equal Pay Day this week, the Brookings Institution examined data showing that women's economic outcomes continue to lag behind their male counterparts, not just in the wage gap but also in occupational segregation and labor force participation. Read on for an analysis of trends to better understand women's labor market experiences. In addition, check out this piece from the New York Times' Upshot about the impact of child care issues on the pay gap.

NewDEALer in the Spotlight:
Bridget Gainer, County Commissioner
 (Cook County, IL)


Helping Youth Map a Future

NewDEAL Leader Cook County Commissioner Bridget Gainer organized "Tell Your Story", a series of conversations and speed networking events for detained minors. "Tell Your Story" brings Chicagoans from various professions to juvenile detention centers, where they speak with kids ages 12 to 17 to help them learn details about potential professions and see how to get back on track. Learn more about a recent event, and why Commissioner Gainer feels reaching out to these youth is so important.


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