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Family-Friendly Workplaces

Two NewDEAL Leaders penned op-eds this week on the importance of developing more family-friendly workplaces, both through policies like paid leave and through improved work environments. Read Boston Councilmember Michelle Wu's piece on CNN on the challenges working mothers face, and Santa Barbara School Board Member Laura Capps' column in Politico on the need for Congress to be more family-friendly.

Improving Working Class Earning

Workers without college degrees face stagnated employment and earnings as the modern economy changes, opening up a host of other issues related to under- and unemployment like rising opioid use. Read a Brookings Institution analysis of the factors limiting non-college educated Americans' job market success, and a policy agenda to improve their opportunities.

NewDEALer in the Spotlight:
Pete Buttigieg, Mayor
(South Bend, IN)


Lifelong Learning

NewDEAL Leader South Bend, IN Mayor Pete Buttigieg announced the launch of the South Bend Lifelong Learning System, an initiative to help residents keep up with the skills needed in the modern workforce. The initiative, developed in partnership with Claremont Graduate University in California and funded by a grant from Google.org and Walmart, will collect resources to help workers understand what skills are in demand and where those are being taught, and give residents the opportunity to teach others as they continue to develop their skills. Learn more about the initiative, which is currently in its design phase.


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