2 Minute Download April 6, 2018

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Rethinking Worker Benefits

As the gig economy grows and the nature of work changes for many Americans, workers are increasingly cut off from traditional benefits and assurances like paid leave, health care, and retirement. Check out a Brookings Institution overview of how states and cities are forging ahead to make policies for the future of work as the federal government fails to make progress.

New Opportunities for Pay for Success

New federal legislation has made it easier to pay for innovative social policies and program using Pay for Success, an innovative model pioneered in the U.S. by NewDEAL Leaders like Salt Lake County Mayor Ben McAdams. Check out a column in Governing that talks about how state and local governments should take advantage of this opening in federal legislation to reinvent social services with Pay for Success.

NewDEALer in the Spotlight:
Anthony Daniels, House Minority Leader
(Huntsville, AL)

Investing in Cyber Technology


This week, NewDEAL Leader Alabama House Minority Leader Anthony Daniels' bill to create a School of Cyber Technology and Engineering was signed into law. The school will expand economic opportunity for its students by providing education and experience in the high-growth fields of cyber tech and engineering. In addition, teachers and schools across the state will receive help implementing these subjects into their curricula. Read more about the school, which is slated to open in Huntsville in 2020.

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