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Children's Savings Accounts in America

Children's Savings Account (CSA) programs, a policy adopted early by NewDEAL Leaders like St. Louis Treasurer Tishaura Jones, can be a powerful tool to increase student achievement and connect students with higher education. Check out a summary of the 2017 edition of Prosperity Now's report on the State of CSAs, which are long-term savings or investment accounts that help children and their families, especially those from low-income families, build savings for the future.You can also read the whole report to learn more about trends in these programs.

Smoothing the Path to College

Many low-income students don't decide to forego college, according to a study in Boston, but rather miss a deadline or skip a required class. One simple fix to remove a barrier to college for these students is to give the ACT or SAT college entrance exams during school hours for free, a policy spearheaded by NewDEAL Co-Chair Jack Markell as Governor of Delaware that has now been adopted by 12 states. Learn more from the Brookings Institution about the results these 12 states have seen from this small change. 


NewDEALer in the Spotlight:
Libby Schaaf, Mayor
(Oakland, CA)


Design Strategies to Solve Problems

NewDEAL Leader Oakland Mayor Libby Schaaf recently announced the Civic Design Lab, a partnership between her office and two nonprofits that aims to find new solutions for problems while maximizing limited resources and making communities more equitable. The partnership, which is "rooted in the idea that government simply cannot spend its way out of challenges," has already worked to improve the city's Rent Adjustment Program, Healthy Housing inspection process, and partnerships with entrepreneurs. Learn more about this approach to thinking about issues differently.

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