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Bloomberg Champion Cities

Bloomberg Philanthropies named their latest 35 Champion Cities for their Mayors Challenge, including 6 cities led by NewDEAL Mayors Michael Hancock (Denver), Svante Myrick (Ithaca, NY), Greg Fischer (Louisville), Greg Stanton (Phoenix), Liz Lempert (Princeton, NJ), and Pete Buttigieg (South Bend, IN). As Champion Cities, each city will conduct a 6-month testing phase of public prototypes of the ideas they submitted to win the challenge. Check out the cities taking part in the initiative and dig into their ideas, or see a quick list of the ideas from all 35 cities. 

New Blue Features NewDEALer Elizabeth Brown

NewDEAL's friends at Third Way continued their New Blue interview series with NewDEAL Leader Columbus, OH Councilmember Elizabeth Brown, who talked about her advocacy for women in leadership and her work to champion equitable and sustainable growth, from working for paid family leave and pay equity to expanding early childhood education. Read a transcript of her interview here. 


NewDEALer in the Spotlight:
Greg Fischer, Mayor
(Louisville, KY)


Fostering New Restauranteurs

NewDEAL Leader Louisville Mayor Greg Fischer announced a new food entrepreneurship Saturday class series aimed at helping develop new restauranteurs and food entrepreneurs. Industry veterans teach the courses, which cover everything from government regulation compliance to food purchasing to employee management. New restaurants not only add jobs to the local economy, but also add to the city's already vibrant culinary scene, a tourism draw. Learn more about the classes, launched by the city's Small Business Development team. 

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