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Digital Tech to Improve Government 

Advances in technology continue to produce new ways for governments to improve how they deliver services and connect with the people they represent. Check out StateScoop's summary of 11 trends that are shaping government and creating opportunities to improve performance while solving a wide range of problems from public health challenges to preserving the environment. StateScoop provides examples of projects around the country harnessing digital tools.


The College Completion Crisis 

Federal data released last year shows that only half of full-time, part-time, and transfer college students complete college and obtain a degree within 8 years of entering, with part-time students especially struggling to complete a postsecondary program. Check out additional findings on college completion from Third Way for more information to help policymakers understand the problem.


NewDEALer in the Spotlight:
Kevin Ranker, Senator
(Orcas Island, WA)


Serving Homeless College Students

NewDEAL Leader Orcas Island, WA Senator Kevin Ranker is sponsoring a bill that would establish a pilot program for providing services to homeless college students to allow them to focus on their education. Services range from housing and meals to laundry and showers. Sen. Ranker has pointed out that expanding access to college means that the state must be prepared to accommodate the needs of students in unstable situations. Click here to learn more about the proposed pilot program.

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