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NewDEAL Celebrates 7 Years

On Wednesday, the NewDEAL celebrated 7 years of supporting state and local pro-growth progressive leadership across the United States. We were so pleased to be joined by NewDEAL Leaders and supporters across the country to celebrate on social media - thank you for your support! In case you missed it, check out a short booklet about what we accomplished in 2017 and what's on the horizon in 2018.

Research on Entrepreneurial Ecosystems

The Kauffman Foundation recently launched a new research portfolio, "Uncommon Methods and Metrics", focused on understanding entrepreneurial ecosystems. The goal of the research is to help community leaders create more entrepreneurial environments to boost startups. Read more details about their new portfolio, which draws from work from a number of independent and institutional researchers.

NewDEALer in the Spotlight
Greg Stanton, Mayor
(Phoenix, AZ)


Partnering for Innovation

NewDEAL Leader Phoenix Mayor Greg Stanton recently announced that the city would partner with the University of Arizona to launch a new medical technology accelerator program. InnoVention, proposed by the Mayor, will bring together students from the medical sciences, law, engineering, and business programs to work on devices, businesses, or health policies. Learn more about InnoVention, a part of Mayor Stanton's ongoing investment in bio-sciences.

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