2MD 10-19-2018

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A Great Reshuffling

The NewDEAL's friends at the Economic Innovation Group published a new report this week, continuing their in-depth research into understanding the geography of economic distress in modern America. The new report details a "Great Reshuffling", as human capital, job creation, and business formation has been re-sorted, increasingly consolidating in top-tier places as the gap between those areas and distressed communities grows. Check out their research  into the key factors that distinguish prosperous communities from distressed ones.

Improving Economic Mobility

The Convergence Center for Policy Resolution published a framework and policy proposals for improving economic mobility, drawn from conversations with workers, employers, historically disadvantaged groups, educators, government, community-based organizations, and policy advocates. Their report addresses the unprecedented challenges to work as an engine of economic mobility, resulting in fewer Americans having access to ladders of opportunity. They advocate for policies like promoting life-long learning and increasing apprenticeships, while discussing ways to remove barriers for people to reenter the workforce as well as move up the career and income ladders. Read more about their takeaways and proposals for making work a stronger engine of economic mobility for lower-income workers.

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NewDEALer in the Spotlight:
Mark Keam, Delegate
(Vienna, VA)

Pragmatism in Politics 

NewDEAL Leader Virginia Delegate Mark Keam was the latest featured NewDEALer on Third Way's New Blue series, which profiles up-and-coming leaders doing new and innovative work in their states or local communities. Delegate Keam talked about his origin story, the role of government in expanding opportunity, and his commitment to pragmatism & consensus-building in government. Watch the video to hear more!

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