2MD 09-21-2018

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The Future of the Political Moderate

Last Friday, NewDEAL founder and board chair Helen Milby joined Amy Walter on NPR's The Takeaway to discuss bygone days of bipartisan cooperation, and the future for political moderates today. Listen now to the episode to hear Helen, former NewDEAL Ideas Challenge Judge Bruce Reed, and other thought leaders talk polarization and partisanship.

Cities Reaching the Global Market 

The Global Cities Initiative, a partnership between the Brookings Institution and JPMorgan Chase, aims to help metro areas become competitive in the international economy through trade and investment, exchanges of innovation & talent, and access to global markets. Check out the six steps GCI recommends metro areas take to begin engaging economically on a global scale.

NewDEALers in the Spotlight: Sam Liccardo, Mayor (San Jose, CA) & Libby Schaaf, Mayor (Oakland, CA)

Building Regional Economic Opportunity 

NewDEAL Leaders Mayors Sam Liccardo and Libby Schaaf recently joined their colleague LA Mayor Eric Garcetti, along with other regional officials, to announce the California Opportunity Zone Partnership. The initiative will help small and medium-sized cities take advantage of the Opportunity Zone tax incentive program, which is designed to attract investment to struggling communities. Experts from San Jose and Oakland will join those from other participating cities in offering technical support and providing lessons on best practices to help smaller cities across the state leverage this economic opportunity.

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