2MD 10-05-2018

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Catch Episode 2 of our podcast, An Honorable Profession, featuring NewDEAL Leader Councilmember Elizabeth Brown!

Opportunity Atlas 

A new interactive map takes a look at the roots of childhood poverty, mapping a number of variables by neighborhood to find where children have the best -- and worst -- chance to escape poverty. Opportunity Insights hopes that the information could help state & local governments better understand which areas need solutions to increase social mobility. Explore the map and see how your neighborhood is doing.


Environmental Insights Explorer

Google's new Environmental Insights Explorer, currently in beta with info on five cities, allows people to see map-based data on emissions, solar power potential, and other climate-related info. The Global Covenant of Mayors for Climate & Energy noted that this tool could make it much easier for local governments to take steps toward reducing emissions or increasing renewable energy, as it allows them to side-step expensive and lengthy emission inventories and access the data easily. Read Route Fifty for details about the tool and how the Global Covenant of Mayors is already planning to use it.


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NewDEALer in the Spotlight:
Zach Klein, City Attorney
(Columbus, OH)

Reforming Drug Sentencing 

NewDEAL Leader Columbus City Attorney Zach Klein is partnering with a former political rival & county prosecutor to offer a bipartisan drug-sentencing reform proposal to help direct addicts into treatment rather than prison, while still giving judges flexibility on sentencing. They are offering their proposal in response to another state proposal currently being considering, which has garnered opposition from both parties and stakeholder groups. Read to learn details about their proposal, which would help connect future offenders with treatment, as well as help offenders currently in prison or on probation seek help and get a fresh start.

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