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Leading on the Future of Work

Policy leadership at the state and local levels is critical to promote economic opportunity and security for all Americans amidst the changing nature of work. In an op-ed in The 74, NewDEAL Executive Director Debbie Cox Bultan reflects on 3 key areas on which state and local governments can act to prepare their communities of modern economy. Check out her op-ed for the details, which are drawn from policy recommendations released by the NewDEAL Forum's Future of Work Policy Group.


City Innovation on Housing

In November, NewDEAL Leader and National League of Cities President Karen Freeman-Wilson (Mayor, Gary, IN) formed the National Housing Task Force to highlight solutions for the housing crisis that are already working in municipalities across the nation. The task force recently met for the first time, and set policy for working with the federal government to develop a national housing strategy that aligns with cities' needs. Read Route Fifty for more details, including the Task Force's plan to release a toolkit for cities looking to improve collaboration with other levels of government on this issue.

NewDEALer in the Spotlight:

Rafael Anchia, Representative
(Dallas, TX)

Identifying Climate Change Solutions

NewDEAL Leader Texas Representative Rafael Anchia filed a bill this week that would create a Global Climate Change Commission for the state of Texas. The Commission would study ways to reduce emissions, improve energy efficiency, and boost public and private investments in clean energy. Learn more about how Representative Anchia hopes to "let science lead the way" in Texas.

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