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State and Local Leadership on Big Challenges

NewDEAL Executive Director Debbie Cox Bultan penned an op-ed in Governing Magazine this week, looking how NewDEAL Leaders across the country are developing policies that transcend traditional party divides in order to prepare their communities for major economic changes and to transform lives for the better. Check it out for more details on how NewDEAL Leaders are setting an agenda that can ensure Americans can succeed in the 21st century. If you agree that their work is a cause for optimism, you can retweet the op-ed here, or like it on Facebook here.

Updating Unemployment Insurance

Unemployment insurance is a key part of the social safety net, but with the growth of non-traditional work, increasing numbers of workers no longer benefit. Read a new report from the Aspen Institute Future of Work Initiative on how the UI system can be updated to reflect the reality of work and unemployment today, and help protect all workers from unexpected job and income loss.



NewDEALer in the Spotlight:
Robert Garcia, Mayor
(Long Beach, CA)

Addressing Rising Temperatures

Like many cities across the country, NewDEAL Leader Mayor Robert Garcia's city of Long Beach, CA is dealing with record-high temperatures on a regular basis, which can threaten vulnerable populations like low-income residents and the elderly. Garcia is responding with policies to address heat in the short-term, by planting more trees and careful urban planning, as well as in the long-term, by combating climate change through pollution reduction, alternative energy use and other initiatives. Learn more about the range of policies he's employing to help Long Beach get through the heat.

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