2 Minute Download - January 19, 2018

The Way Forward in Red States

NewDEAL Leader Alabama House Minority Leader Anthony Daniels wrote a great piece this week on what needs to be done for Democrats to make progress in states and districts where they've lately been uncompetitive, like investing in party infrastructure, mobilizing newly-engaged voters, and, most importantly, advocating for a policy agenda that speaks to voters' concerns. Daniels cites The Way Forward, the NewDEAL's latest policy document, which sets out forward-looking policy proposals to move the country forward. Check out his piece in Medium for more.

Preventing Census Undercounting

As the country prepares for the 2020 Census amid concerns that the Trump Administration is trying to politicize the decennial exercise, states are on the front lines of working to ensure that residents don't fall through the cracks. Read Pew Stateline's overview of how states are working to encourage participation and address key challenges, including by identifying people who tend to be overlooked and ensuring they are counted in the Census.

Mayor Robyn Tannehill

NewDEALer in the Spotlight
Robyn Tannehill, Mayor
(Oxford, MS)


Training Girls to Lead

NewDEAL Leader Oxford, MS Mayor Robyn Tannehill recently launched a new program, GIRL emPOWERment, which will teach young girls leadership skills and communication techniques. The program is aimed at fifth-grade girls and targets girls who aren't already recognized in their peer group as leaders, focusing on building their self-confidence to help them reach their full potential. Learn more about the structure of the program and how it could have a school-wide impact.

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