Concord, NH Ready for 100% Clean Energy


Climate change presents a variety of challenges to public health, the built environment, ecosystems, and cultural resources. In New Hampshire, climate change impacts include increased risks for asthma and other respiratory diseases, sea level rise that effects our coastal communties, more frequent and powerful storms, a steep decline in our moose population as a result of the proliferation of ticks, and the negative economic impacts on industries such as maple sugaring and winter sports. The significant reduction of carbon pollution is essential to meet these varied challenges.


Ready for 100 sets the goal of a community transition to 100% clean energy sources by 2050. This ambitious program will address climate change's impacts on health, tourism, and natural disasters on a community level. In addition, the transition creates economic opportunities and job creation impacts by moving from a high carbon to a low carbon economy, and helps ensure Concord can be a leader in innovation.  We established the Concord Energy and Environment Committee (CEEC) to foster community involvement and innovation in meeting energy and environmental goals. CEEC will lead The Ready for 100 campaign and expand the involvement of business and community leaders in this effort.

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