Crowdsourcing Iowa 911


In our ever-developing digital world, traditional 911 procedures no longer empower citizens to immediately report emergencies. Crowdsourcing 911 by actively engaging citizens to use social media tools & text message alerts in a dynamic two-way conversation ensures timely information is available. Currently, some local public safety agencies were purchasing this technology on their own, layering in unnecessary costs all across Iowa, money that could be saved by having a statewide system available to all.


Senator Danielson has passed a bill to create Crowdsourcing Iowa 911, which integrates traditional dispatch for police, fire & EMS services with social media tools, empowering Iowans to be the ears & eyes of their communities, allowing for real-time two-way communication in a new & modern way. Iowa's approach is innovative in that it cuts costs, speeds up the adoption of dynamic two-way 911 communication technologies and improves the interoperability of state & local public safety agencies.