Denver Youth Thrive


Every child in Denver deserves access to quality afterschool programs. Decades of research indicate that participation in quality afterschool programs keep kids safe, helps working families, and improves student engagement in school, thus improving academic achievement. Yet like many other cities across the nation, Denver’s afterschool field is fragmented, quality is inconsistent, and there is no sustainable source of funding to support programs.


The Denver Afterschool Alliance is working arm in arm with every stakeholder citywide to establish a comprehensive, sustainable afterschool solution that will ensure equity in access to quality afterschool programming throughout the city. This coordinated approach will help keep kids safe and inspire them to be successful in school and graduate ready for career, college, and life. By working collaboratively with Denver Public Schools and other community stakeholders, the Alliance will be able to identify which programs are the most effective and dramatically accelerates the City’s progress in supporting Denver’s youth.

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