Empowering Women in the Private Sector


Women continue to lag disproportionately in the areas of entrepreneurship and holding leadership positions within companies. Despite increased efforts in New York State to invest in women-owned businesses, pay-equity and women's leadership across business sectors, the data shows that women still are not advancing economically.


Councilwoman Dr. Dorcey Applyrs has been working to empower women in the Capital District to start their own businesses and aggressively climb the career ladder. She initially hosted a city-wide Women's Health and Economic Summit providing women with access to information and resources on how to start a business, professional development, mentorship and the importance of health as wealth. Dr. Applyrs also hosted a women's entrepreneurial summit that allowed local entrepreneurs to pitch their business concept for a chance to win start-up money to grow their businesses. Additionally, some of the most successful women entrepreneurs in the Capital District were invited to impart knowledge on how grow a successful business and how to secure investment dollars. These accomplished women also provided budding entrepreneurs with technical assistance and capacity building on how to enhance their business plan.

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