October 22, 2015

Governor Markell and Senator Warner Announce next NewDEAL Leaders

13 Pro-Growth Progressive State & Local Leaders Chosen to Join a Growing Network of 140

Today, NewDEAL Honorary Co-Chairs Governor Jack Markell of Delaware and U.S. Senator Mark Warner of Virginia announced that thirteen state and local elected officials from across the country have been selected as the next group of NewDEAL Leaders.

The NewDEAL is a national network committed to highlighting pro-growth progressive state and local elected leaders from across the country with innovative ideas to build broadly-earned, sustainable economic growth. Since it’s launch in 2011, the network has grown from 10 leaders to 140 state and local leaders from 43 states, and launched an interactive ideas portal highlighting dozens of state and local ideas to grow the economy, expand opportunity for all and make government work better.

“NewDEAL Leaders in communities across the country have proven that winning policy solutions can be both pro-growth and progressive. We are proud to highlight these leaders from across the country with innovative ideas to make government more efficient and effective,” said Senator Warner, Honorary Co-Chair of the NewDEAL.

“We believe that in order to address the challenges of the 21st century, we need to look for fresh ideas at the state and local level where leaders are developing and testing innovative solutions to help move our country forward,” said Governor Markell, Honorary Co-Chair of the NewDEAL.

The NewDEAL is recognizing thirteen leaders who hail from diverse regions of the country:

West Palm Beach (FL) State Attorney Dave Aronberg, Texas Representative Cesar Blanco, Madison (WI) City Councilor Maurice Cheeks, San Francisco (CA) City Treasurer Jose Cisneros, Missouri Senator Shalonn Curls, Colorado Senator Kerry Donovan, Atlanta (GA) City Councilmember Kwanza Hall, Princeton (NJ) Mayor Liz Lempert, Kansas City (MO) City Councilor Quinton Lucas, Pennsylvania Representative Brandon Neuman, Colorado Representative Brittany Pettersen, Santa Ana (CA) City Councilor Vincent Sarmiento, and Connecticut Representative Caroline Simmons.

The NewDEAL is committed to helping pro-growth progressive leaders share their innovative ideas on its interactive website, www.NewDEALLeaders.org.  The public is encouraged to nominate other state and local elected leaders on the network’s website and stay connected as the NewDEAL highlights more pro-growth progressive ideas.

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