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At a time when the future of progressive policymaking depends on pragmatic leadership at the state and local level, the NewDEAL is pleased to present the Monthly Spotlight, an in-depth look into one of the many innovative ideas being championed by NewDEAL Leaders. To see all ideas that have been submitted through our bi-annual Ideas Challenges, visit the NewDEAL Ideas Portal, and visit our new Ideas Challenge Hub for more resources.

President Trump's recent executive orders on immigration have drawn outrage and indignation across the country. This month's Spotlight focuses on one NewDEAL Mayor who is leading by example to send a different kind of message on immigration.  

Global Louisville


Greg Fischer
Louisville, KY

 What is Global Louisville?

Louisville is a thriving city with high population growth, with much of that growth coming from robust native and foreign-born migration. These immigrants provide a strong workforce for the city, and according to Mayor Greg Fischer, they’re key to Louisville’s economic development and community growth. In May 2015, Mayor Fischer announced the Global Louisville initiative, which would build a strategy for welcoming foreign-born residents. In December 2016, the Global Louisville Action Plan was announced after more than a year of researching best practices, analyzing local data, and seeking input from the community.

 How is it working?

The Global Louisville Action Plan outlines key strategies to attract, retain, and grow Louisville’s foreign-born population and ensure that they are ready to work and able to participate in city life. Three areas of focus drive the plan:

  • Integrate, or connecting immigrants to education, skills training, accreditation, and business development resources

  • Empower, or helping immigrants participate in city life by owning homes, joining arts and heritage organizations, and build wealth and savings

  • Attract, or developing strategies to attract and retain a skilled foreign-born workforce and entrepreneurs

The Plan is supported by partners across the city, from public agencies like the metro Chamber of Commerce to private organizations like Kentucky Refugee Ministries or El Kentubano, a local Hispanic publication. The result is robust population growth and a workforce that has the training, education, and support it needs to fill job openings and revitalize the city.


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