Lacey Beaty

City Councilor

Beaverton, OR

Councilor Beaty began her service on the Beaverton City Council in 2015. When she was elected at age 29 she became the youngest city councilor ever and only the 13th woman elected in Beaverton’s city government. Councilor Beaty worked early in her career to relocate a community Vietnam Veteran Memorial after the land it sat upon was sold. It now resides in Beaverton’s Veterans Memorial Park, where advocates have always wanted it to be. She also added a preference status in the city’s procurement code for veterans who own small businesses, as well as advocating for and influencing local leaders to make Beaverton a Purple Heart City. For these actions, Councilor Beaty was named Woman Veteran of the Year in 2016 by the Oregon Department of Veterans Affairs. Councilor Beaty’s previous profession was in public health where she lead the ambitious expansion of school based health centers within many of the largest school districts in Oregon, delivering healthcare to thousands of students. Her real impact came from the work that happened outside of the exam room, where she worked to create a job academy for students who were not college bound right away. She worked with school districts so this class could be used as credit recovery for students who fell behind. She championed a policy change across all school districts to allow contraceptive access to students. For this innovate work, Portland Business Journal named her one of the “top 5 under 40” who have made a significant impact to the improvement of health care delivery. After the army, Councilor Beaty attended college using the Montgomery GI bill, and completed an associate’s degree in history, a bachelor’s degree in political science and a master’s degree in management and organizational leadership.